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Our History

The history of our founding goes back to 1985.

Elton John was performing a concert at the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund. The desire to be chauffeured in a Jaguar at short notice made Kai Hahn come into the game, whose father had just such a car sitting in his garage. The concert promoter knew of this coincidence and promptly hired the charismatic student Kai as Elton's chauffeur. This one-time service for a concert turned into an entire tour. A friendly contact carries on to this day, and Elton John is still accompanied by KKS staff throughout the world.

A new business idea took its course. Forward thinking chauffeurs act as personal organizers for demanding customers.

The initially still student-like image became more professional by the founding of Kai's Konzert Service in 1987. Together with Jochen List (M.A. in mathematics), the company managed by Dr. Kai Hahn quickly became a sought-after partner of media, event, and concert agencies as well as major corporations.
Under its present name of KKS Hahn GmbH, the company is still owner-operated and has expanded its activities all over Germany. Aside from its head office in Leverkusen, additional branch offices were established in Berlin and Hamburg. Southern Germany, along with Switzerland and Austria, are covered by the Munich office. A staff of eleven are always available as personal contacts for the clients.

Today, our clients benefit from a comprehensive service all over Europe based on a network spanning various classes of business.
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